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Research at St Andrews

Maria Dornelas


  1. Data underpinning ‘Divergent biodiversity change within ecosystems‘

    Magurran, A. (Creator), Deacon, A. E. (Creator), Moyes, F. H. (Creator), Shimadzu, H. (Creator), Dornelas, M. (Creator), Phillip , D. A. T. (Creator), Ramnarine , I. W. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 15 Feb 2018


  2. Data from: Species richness change across spatial scales

    Chase, J. M. (Creator), McGill, B. J. (Creator), Thompson, P. L. (Creator), Henriques Antao, L. I. (Creator), Bates, A. E. (Creator), Blowes, S. A. (Creator), Dornelas, M. (Creator), Gonzalez, A. (Creator), Magurran, A. (Creator), Supp, S. R. (Creator), Winter, M. (Creator), Bjorkman, A. D. (Creator), Bruelheide, H. (Creator), Byrnes, J. E. K. (Creator), Cabral, J. S. (Creator), Elahi, R. (Creator), Gomez, C. (Creator), Guzman, H. M. (Creator), Isbell, F. (Creator), Myers-Smith, I. H. (Creator), Jones, H. P. (Creator), Hines, J. (Creator), Vellend, M. (Creator), Waldock, C. (Creator), O'Connor, M. (Creator), Dryad, 8 May 2019


  3. Data from Allometric growth in reef-building corals

    Dornelas, M. (Creator), Madin, J. S. (Creator), Baird, A. H. (Creator), Connolly, S. R. (Creator), Figshare, 3 Mar 2017


  4. BioTIME

    BioTIME Consortium (Creator), Dornelas, M. (Creator), Henriques Antao, L. I. (Creator), Moyes, F. H. (Creator), Bates, A. E. (Creator), Magurran, A. (Creator), Zenodo, 2 Apr 2018