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Research at St Andrews

Michael Blair Morrissey


  1. Data from: Individual variation in male reproductive behaviour is linked to temporal heterogeneity in predation risk

    Borges Da Costa Guint Barbosa, M. M. (Creator), Deacon, A. E. (Creator), Janeiro Silva, M. J. (Creator), Ramnarine, I. (Creator), Morrissey, M. B. (Creator), Magurran, A. (Creator), Dryad, 4 Dec 2017


  2. Robust estimates of environmental effects on population vital rates: an integrated capture–recapture model of seasonal brook trout growth, survival and movement in a stream network (dataset)

    Letcher, B. (Creator), Schueller, P. (Creator), Bassar, R. (Creator), Nislow, K. (Creator), Coombs, J. (Creator), Sakrejda, K. (Creator), Morrissey, M. B. (Creator), Sigourney, D. (Creator), Whiteley, A. (Creator), O'Donnell, M. (Creator), Devreuil, T. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 31 Dec 2013