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Research at St Andrews

Morag Mansley


Morag Mansley
Postal address:
School of Medicine
Medical & Biological Sciences
North Haugh
St Andrews
United Kingdom


Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 46

Research overview

The kidneys play a critical role in maintaining electrolyte homeostasis within the body. The regulation of sodium balance in particular maintains our circulating volume within narrow parameters and importantly contributes to the long-term control of blood pressure. Transport of electrolytes occurs via a number of different ion channels and transporters expressed at the surface of the epithelial cells lining the tubules of the nephron. Within the distal nephron, these processes are under strict regulation by a plethora of hormones and bioactive factors which can rapidly alter ion transport in response to physiological and pathophysiological challenges. Dysfunction of these transport processes and their regulation give rise to electrolyte disorders as well as dysregulated arterial blood pressure.

Our lab focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms which underpin hormonal control of epithelial ion transport in the distal nephron in both health and disease. We combine electrophysiological methods with cutting edge molecular techniques to investigate receptor binding and translocation; intracellular signalling cascades; as well as subsequent modulation of ion transport, with a particular focus on Na+ transport via the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC).

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