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Research at St Andrews

Nathan William Bailey


  1. Data from: Indirect genetic effects and sexual conflicts: Partner genotype influences multiple morphological and behavioural reproductive traits in a flatworm

    Marie-Orleach, L., Vogt-Burri, N., Mougino, P., Schlatter, A., Vizoso, D., Bailey, N. W., Schärer (Lukas Scharer), L., Dryad, 27 Feb 2017


  2. Increased socially-mediated plasticity in gene expression accompanies rapid adaptive evolution (dataset)

    Pascoal, S. C. M., Liu, X., Fang, Y., Paterson, S., Ritchie, M. G., Rockliffe, N., Zuk, M., Bailey, N. W., National Center for Biotechnology Information, 23 Sep 2016