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Research at St Andrews

Paul Andrew Reynolds


Paul Andrew Reynolds
Postal address:
School of Medicine
Medical & Biological Sciences
North Haugh
St Andrews
United Kingdom


Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 463555

Research overview

Systems Pathology and Cancer

Why do some patients respond to therapy and some don’t? There is a growing need to personalise therapeutic treatments because human diseases are somewhat unique to the individual patient. Diagnostic assays detecting specific features (biomarkers) of a disease provide a framework to classify diseases according to their underlying molecular defects. In turn, the patient-specific molecular profile guides the clinician’s choice for therapy. Cancer is a remarkably heterogenous disease and the increasing complexity of molecular changes that occur during tumour evolution highlights the importance of identifying events that drive this process. Renal podocytes are essential for the normal filtration function of our kidneys.  With the increasing use of molecularly targeted cancer therapies, the toxic side-effects of targeted agents are increasingly being recognized and the renal safety of these drugs is becoming an important health issue.

The Reynolds lab is interested in identifying those molecular changes which drive disease with particular emphasis on 1) cancer resistance mechanisms to therapeutic drugs and 2) the mechanobiology of kidney podocytes in health and disease. We are employing biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology approaches to investigate the nature and context of these factors and how they impact upon human health.


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