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Research at St Andrews

Rita Tojeiro


  1. The clustering of the SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey DR14 quasar sample (dataset)

    Ata, M. (Creator), Baumgarten, F. (Creator), Bautista, J. (Creator), Beutler, F. (Creator), Bizyaev, D. (Creator), Blanton, M. R. (Creator), Blazek, J. A. (Creator), Bolton, A. S. (Creator), Brinkmann, J. (Creator), Brownstein, J. R. (Creator), Burtin, E. (Creator), Chuang, C. (Creator), Comparat, J. (Creator), Dawson, K. S. (Creator), de la Macorra, A. (Creator), Du, W. (Creator), du Mas des Bourboux, H. (Creator), Eisenstein, D. J. (Creator), Gil-Marin, H. (Creator), Grabowski, K. (Creator), Guy, J. (Creator), Hand, N. (Creator), Ho, S. (Creator), Hutchinson, T. A. (Creator), Ivanov, M. M. (Creator), Kitaura, F. (Creator), Kneib, J. (Creator), Laurent, P. (Creator), Le Goff, J. (Creator), McEwen, J. E. (Creator), Mueller, E. (Creator), Myers, A. D. (Creator), Newman, J. A. (Creator), Palanque-Delabrouille, N. (Creator), Pan, K. (Creator), Paris, I. (Creator), Pellejero-Ibanez, M. (Creator), Percival, W. J. (Creator), Petitjean, P. (Creator), Prada, F. (Creator), Prakash, A. (Creator), Rodriguez-Torres, S. A. (Creator), Ross, A. J. (Creator), Rossi, G. (Creator), Ruggeri, R. (Creator), Sanchez, A. G. (Creator), Satpathy, S. (Creator), Schlegel, D. J. (Creator), Schneider, D. P. (Creator), Seo, H. (Creator), Slosar, A. (Creator), Streblyanska, A. (Creator), Tinker, J. L. (Creator), Tojeiro, R. (Creator), Vargas Magana, M. (Creator), Vivek, M. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Yeche, C. (Creator), Yu, L. (Creator), Zarrouk, P. (Creator), Zhao, C. (Creator), Zhao, G. (Creator) & Zhu, F. (Creator), Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), 11 Oct 2017


  2. Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 12

    Alam, S. (Creator), Albareti, F. D. (Creator), Prieto, C. A. (Creator), Anders, F. (Creator), Anderson, S. F. (Creator), Andrews, B. H. (Creator), Armengaud, E. (Creator), Aubourg, É. (Creator), Bailey, S. (Creator), Bautista, J. E. (Creator), Beaton, R. L. (Creator), Beers, T. C. (Creator), Bender, C. F. (Creator), Berlind, A. A. (Creator), Beutler, F. (Creator), Bhardwaj, V. (Creator), Bird, J. C. (Creator), Bizyaev, D. (Creator), Blake, C. H. (Creator), Blanton, M. R. (Creator), Blomqvist, M. (Creator), Bochanski, J. J. (Creator), Bolton, A. S. (Creator), Bovy, J. (Creator), Bradley, A. S. (Creator), Brandt, W. N. (Creator), Brauer, D. E. (Creator), Brinkmann, J. (Creator), Brown, P. J. (Creator), Brownstein, J. R. (Creator), Burden, A. (Creator), Burtin, E. (Creator), Busca, N. G. (Creator), Cai, Z. (Creator), Capozzi, D. (Creator), Carnero Rosell, A. (Creator), Carrera, R. (Creator), Chen, Y. (Creator), Chiappini, C. (Creator), Chojnowski, S. D. (Creator), Chuang, C. (Creator), Clerc, N. (Creator), Comparat, J. (Creator), Covey, K. (Creator), Croft, R. A. C. (Creator), Cuesta, A. J. (Creator), Cunha, K. (Creator), da Costa, L. N. (Creator), Da Rio, N. (Creator), Davenport, J. R. A. (Creator), Dawson, K. S. (Creator), De Lee, N. (Creator), Delubac, T. (Creator), Deshpande, R. (Creator), Dutra-Ferreira, L. (Creator), Dwelly, T. (Creator), Ealet, A. (Creator), Ebelke, G. L. (Creator), Edmondson, E. M. (Creator), Eisenstein, D. J. (Creator), Escoffier, S. (Creator), Esposito, M. (Creator), Fan, X. (Creator), Fernández-Alvar, E. (Creator), Feuillet, D. (Creator), Ak, N. F. (Creator), Finley, H. (Creator), Finoguenov, A. (Creator), Flaherty, K. (Creator), Fleming, S. W. (Creator), Font-Ribera, A. (Creator), Foster, J. (Creator), Frinchaboy, P. M. (Creator), Galbraith-Frew, J. G. (Creator), García-Hernández, D. A. (Creator), García Pérez, A. E. (Creator), Gaulme, P. (Creator), Ge, J. (Creator), Génova-Santos, R. (Creator), Ghezzi, L. (Creator), Gillespie, B. A. (Creator), Girardi, L. (Creator), Goddard, D. (Creator), A Gontcho, S. G. (Creator), Hernández, J. I. G. (Creator), Grebel, E. K. (Creator), Grieb, J. N. (Creator), Grieves, N. (Creator), Gunn, J. E. (Creator), Guo, H. (Creator), Harding, P. (Creator), Hasselquist, S. (Creator), Hawley, S. L. (Creator), Hayden, M. (Creator), Hearty, F. R. (Creator), Ho, S. (Creator), Hogg, D. W. (Creator), Holley-Bockelmann, K. (Creator), Holtzman, J. A. (Creator), Honscheid, K. (Creator), Huehnerhoff, J. (Creator), Jiang, L. (Creator), Johnson, J. A. (Creator), Kinemuchi, K. (Creator), Kirkby, D. (Creator), Kitaura, F. (Creator), Klaene, M. A. (Creator), Kneib, J. (Creator), Koenig, X. P. (Creator), Lam, C. R. (Creator), Lan, T. (Creator), Lang, D. (Creator), Laurent, P. (Creator), Le Goff, J. (Creator), Leauthaud, A. (Creator), Lee, K. (Creator), Lee, Y. S. (Creator), Licquia, T. C. (Creator), Liu, J. (Creator), Long, D. C. (Creator), López-Corredoira, M. (Creator), Lorenzo-Oliveira, D. (Creator), Lucatello, S. (Creator), Lundgren, B. (Creator), Lupton, R. H. (Creator), III Mack, C. E. (Creator), Mahadevan, S. (Creator), Maia, M. A. G. (Creator), Majewski, S. R. (Creator), Malanushenko, E. (Creator), Malanushenko, V. (Creator), Manchado, A. (Creator), Manera, M. (Creator), Mao, Q. (Creator), Maraston, C. (Creator), Marchwinski, R. C. (Creator), Margala, D. (Creator), Martell, S. L. (Creator), Martig, M. (Creator), Masters, K. L. (Creator), McBride, C. K. (Creator), McGehee, P. M. (Creator), McGreer, I. D. (Creator), McMahon, R. G. (Creator), Ménard, B. (Creator), Menzel, M. (Creator), Merloni, A. (Creator), Mészáros, S. (Creator), Miller, A. A. (Creator), Miralda-Escudé, J. (Creator), Miyatake, H. (Creator), Montero-Dorta, A. D. (Creator), More, S. (Creator), Morice-Atkinson, X. (Creator), Morrison, H. L. (Creator), Muna, D. (Creator), Myers, A. D. (Creator), Newman, J. A. (Creator), Neyrinck, M. (Creator), Nguyen, D. C. 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(Creator), Rockosi, C. M. (Creator), Rodrigues, T. S. (Creator), Rodríguez-Rottes, S. (Creator), Roe, N. A. (Creator), Ross, A. J. (Creator), Ross, N. P. (Creator), Rossi, G. (Creator), Ruan, J. J. (Creator), Rubiño-Mart\'\in, J. A. (Creator), Rykoff, E. S. (Creator), Salazar-Albornoz, S. (Creator), Salvato, M. (Creator), Samushia, L. (Creator), Sánchez, A. G. (Creator), Santiago, B. (Creator), Sayres, C. (Creator), Schiavon, R. P. (Creator), Schlegel, D. J. (Creator), Schmidt, S. J. (Creator), Schneider, D. P. (Creator), Schultheis, M. (Creator), Schwope, A. D. (Creator), Scóccola, C. G. (Creator), Sellgren, K. (Creator), Seo, H. (Creator), Shane, N. (Creator), Shen, Y. (Creator), Shetrone, M. (Creator), Shu, Y. (Creator), Sivarani, T. (Creator), Skrutskie, M. F. (Creator), Slosar, A. (Creator), Smith, V. V. (Creator), Sobreira, F. (Creator), Stassun, K. G. (Creator), Steinmetz, M. (Creator), Strauss, M. A. (Creator), Streblyanska, A. (Creator), Swanson, M. E. C. (Creator), Tan, J. C. (Creator), Tayar, J. (Creator), Terrien, R. C. (Creator), Thakar, A. R. (Creator), Thomas, D. (Creator), Thompson, B. A. (Creator), Tinker, J. L. (Creator), Tojeiro, R. (Creator), Troup, N. W. (Creator), Vargas-Magaña, M. (Creator), Vazquez, J. A. (Creator), Verde, L. (Creator), Viel, M. (Creator), Vogt, N. P. (Creator), Wake, D. A. (Creator), Wang, J. (Creator), Weave, B. A. (Creator), Weinberg, D. H. (Creator), Weiner, B. J. (Creator), White, M. (Creator), Wilson, J. C. (Creator), Wisniewski, J. P. (Creator), Wood-Vasey, W. M. (Creator), Yèche, C. (Creator), York, D. G. (Creator), Zakamska, N. L. (Creator), Zamora, O. (Creator), Zasowski, G. (Creator), Zehavi, I. (Creator), Zhao, G. (Creator), Zheng, Z. (Creator), Zhou, X. (Creator), Zhou, Z. (Creator), Zhu, G. (Creator) & Zou, H. (Creator), Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), 27 Jul 2015


  3. SPECULATOR: Emulating stellar population synthesis for fast and accurate galaxy spectra and photometry (code)

    Alsing, J. (Creator), Peiris, H. (Creator), Leja, J. L. (Creator), Hahn, C. (Creator), Tojeiro, R. (Creator), Mortlock, D. (Creator), Leistedt, B. (Creator), Johnson, B. D. (Creator) & Conroy, C. (Creator), GitHub, 2020


  4. Full public data release (PDR-2) of the VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey (VIPERS)

    Scodeggio, M. (Creator), Guzzo, L. (Creator), Garilli, B. (Creator), Granett, B. R. (Creator), Bolzonella, M. (Creator), de la Torre, S. (Creator), Abbas, U. (Creator), Adami, C. (Creator), Arnouts, S. (Creator), Bottini, D. (Creator), Cappi, A. (Creator), Coupon, J. (Creator), Cucciati, O. (Creator), Davidzon, I. (Creator), Franzetti, P. (Creator), Fritz, A. (Creator), Iovino, A. (Creator), Krywult, J. (Creator), Le Brun, V. (Creator), Le Fèvre, O. (Creator), Maccagni, D. (Creator), Małek, K. (Creator), Marchetti, A. (Creator), Marulli, F. (Creator), Polletta, M. (Creator), Pollo, A. (Creator), Tasca, L. A. M. (Creator), Tojeiro, R. (Creator), Vergani, D. (Creator), Zanichelli, A. (Creator), Bel, J. (Creator), Branchini, E. (Creator), De Lucia, G. (Creator), Ilbert, O. (Creator), McCracken, H. J. (Creator), Moutard, T. (Creator), Peacock, J. A. (Creator), Zamorani, G. (Creator), Burden, A. (Creator), Fumana, M. (Creator), Jullo, E. (Creator), Marinoni, C. (Creator), Mellier, Y. (Creator), Moscardini, L. (Creator) & Percival, W. J. (Creator), The National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), 18 Jan 2018


  5. DR11 & DR10 SDSS galaxy mocks for CMASS and LOWZ sample --- by Marc Manera (last edited, Nov 2014)

    Manera, M. (Creator), Samushia, L. (Creator), Tojeiro, R. (Creator), Howlett, C. (Creator), Ross, A. J. (Creator), Percival, W. J. (Creator), Gil-Marín, H. (Creator), Brownstein, J. R. (Creator), Burden, A. (Creator) & Montesano, F. (Creator),, 1 Nov 2014