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Research at St Andrews

Rob Wilson


  1. BACI: 2015 - 2019: Towards a biosphere atmosphere change index

    Klesse, S. (Creator), Babst, F. (Creator), Lienert, S. (Creator), Spahni, R. (Creator), Joos, F. (Creator), Bouriaud, O. (Creator), Carrer, M. (Creator), Di Filippo, A. (Creator), Poulter, B. (Creator), Trotsiuk, V. (Creator) & Wilson, R. (Creator), Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, 30 Aug 2018


  2. Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings (dataset)

    Anchukaitis, K. J. (Creator), Wilson, R. (Creator), Briffa, K. R. (Creator), Büntgen, U. (Creator), Cook, E. R. (Creator), D'Arrigo, R. (Creator), Davi, N. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Frank, D. (Creator), Gunnarson, B. E. (Creator), Hegerl, G. (Creator), Helama, S. (Creator), Klesse, S. (Creator), Krusic, P. J. (Creator), Linderholm, H. W. (Creator), Myglan, V. (Creator), Osborn, T. J. (Creator), Zhang, P. (Creator), Rydval, M. (Creator), Schneider, L. (Creator), Schurer, A. (Creator), Wiles, G. (Creator) & Zorita, E. (Creator), National centers for environmental information, 2017


  3. Old World megadroughts and pluvials during the Common Era. (dataset)

    Cook, E. R. (Creator), Seager, R. (Creator), Kushnir, Y. (Creator), Briffa, K. R. (Creator), Büntgen, U. (Creator), Frank, D. (Creator), Krusic, P. J. (Creator), Tegel, W. (Creator), an der Schrier, G. V. (Creator), Andreu-Hayles, L. (Creator), Baillie, M. (Creator), Baittinger, C. (Creator), Bleicher, N. (Creator), Bonde, N. (Creator), Brown, D. (Creator), Carrer, M. (Creator), Cooper, R. (Creator), Čufar, K. (Creator), Dittmar, C. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Griggs, C. (Creator), Gunnarson, B. (Creator), Günther, B. (Creator), Gutierrez, E. (Creator), Haneca, K. (Creator), Helama, S. (Creator), Herzig, F. (Creator), Heussner, K. (Creator), Hofmann, J. (Creator), Janda, P. (Creator), Kontic, R. (Creator), Köse, N. (Creator), Kyncl, T. (Creator), Levaniv c, T. (Creator), Linderholm, H. (Creator), Manning, S. (Creator), Melvin, T. M. (Creator), Miles, D. (Creator), Neuwirth, B. (Creator), Nicolussi, K. (Creator), Nola, P. (Creator), Panayotov, M. (Creator), Popa, I. (Creator), Rothe, A. (Creator), Seftigen, K. (Creator), Seim, A. (Creator), Svarva, H. (Creator), Svoboda, M. (Creator), Thun, T. (Creator), Timonen, M. (Creator), Touchan, R. (Creator), Trotsiuk, V. (Creator), Trouet, V. (Creator), Walder, F. (Creator), Wazny, T. (Creator), Wilson, R. (Creator) & Zang, C. (Creator), National centers for environmental information, 6 Nov 2015