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Research at St Andrews

Samantha J. Pitt


  1. Data Underpinning - Allosteric activation of an ion channel triggered by modification of mechanosensitive nano-pockets

    Kapsalis, C. (Creator), Wang, B. (Creator), El Mkami, H. (Creator), Pitt, S. J. (Creator), Schnell, J. (Creator), Smith, T. K. (Creator), Lippiat, J. (Creator), Bode, B. E. (Creator) & Pliotas, C. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2019


  2. Monitoring contractility in cardiac tissue with cellular resolution using biointegrated microlasers (dataset)

    Schubert, M. (Creator), Woolfson, L. (Creator), Barnard, I. R. M. (Creator), Dorward, A. (Creator), Casement, B. (Creator), Morton, A. (Creator), Robertson, G. B. (Creator), Appleton, P. L. (Creator), Miles, G. B. (Creator), Tucker, C. S. (Creator), Pitt, S. J. (Creator) & Gather, M. C. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 15 Jun 2020