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Research at St Andrews

Terry K Smith


  1. Data Underpinning Simplifying Nature Towards The Design of Broad Spectrum Kinetoplastid Inhibitors Inspired by Acetogenins

    Gould, E. R. (Creator), Smith, T. K. (Creator), King, E. F. B. (Creator), Zacharova, M. K. (Creator), Fraser, A. L. (Creator), Menzies, S. K. (Creator), Tulloch, L. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 6 Mar 2017


  2. Data underpinning - Optical Spectroscopic Analysis for the Discrimination of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

    McReynolds, N. (Creator), Aunon-Garcia, J. M. (Creator), Smith, T. K. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2 Dec 2016


  3. Structure-based design of a eukaryote-selective antiprotozoal fluorinated aminoglycoside (crystal structure data)

    Kanazawa, H. (Creator), Saavedra, O. M. (Creator), Maianti, J. P. (Creator), Young, S. (Creator), Izquierdo, L. (Creator), Smith, T. K. (Creator), Hanessian, S. (Creator), Kondo, J. (Creator), Protein Data Bank (PDB), 30 May 2018


  4. The crystal structure of the Leishmania infantum Silent Information Regulator 2 related protein 1 (dataset)

    Ronin, C. (Creator), Mendes Costa, D. (Creator), Tavares, J. (Creator), Faria, J. (Creator), Ciesielski, F. (Creator), Ciapetti, P. (Creator), Smith, T. K. (Creator), MacDougall, J. (Creator), Cordeiro-da-Silva, A. (Creator), Pemberton, I. K. (Creator), Protein Data Bank (PDB), 28 Feb 2018