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Research at St Andrews

William Hutchison


  1. Data underpinning - Causes of unrest at silicic calderas in the East African Rift: new constraints from InSAR and soil-gas chemistry at Aluto volcano, Ethiopia

    Hutchison, W. (Creator), Biggs, J. (Creator), Mather, T. A. (Creator), Pyle, D. M. (Creator), Lewi, E. (Creator), Yirgu, G. (Creator), Caliro, S. (Creator), Chiodini, G. (Creator), Clor, L. E. (Creator) & Fischer, T. P. (Creator), Figshare, 2014


  2. From Mantle to Motzfeldt: A Genetic Model for Syenite-hosted Ta,Nb-mineralisation (dataset)

    Finch, A. A. (Creator), McCreath, J. A. (Creator), Reekie, C. D. (Creator), Hutchison, W. (Creator), Ismaila, A. (Creator), Armour-Brown, A. (Creator), Andersen, T. (Creator) & Simonsen, S. L. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 20 Mar 2019


  3. Pumiceous Achneliths 3D models

    Clarke, B. (Creator), Calder, E. S. (Creator), Dessalegn, F. (Creator), Fontijn, K. (Creator), Cortés, J. A. (Creator), Naylor, M. (Creator), Butler, I. (Creator), Hutchison, W. (Creator) & Yirgu, G. (Creator), Figshare, 29 Apr 2019


  4. The evolution of magma during continental rifting: new constraints from the isotopic and trace element signatures of silicic magmas from Ethiopian volcanoes (dataset)

    Hutchison, W. (Creator), Mather, T. A. (Creator), Pyle, D. M. (Creator), Boyce, A. J. (Creator), Gleeson, M. L. M. (Creator), Yirgu, G. (Creator), Blundy, J. D. (Creator), Ferguson, D. J. (Creator), Vye-Brown, C. (Creator), Millar, I. L. (Creator), Sims, K. W. W. (Creator) & Finch, A. A. (Creator), Elsevier, 9 Mar 2018