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Research at St Andrews

Wilson Sibbett


  1. Published

    Efficient direct frequency conversion of a non-resonant injection-seeded laser diode using a periodically-poled KTP waveguide crystal

    Rafailov, E. U., Birkin, DJL., Sibbett, W., Battle, P., Fry, T. & Mohatt, D., 15 Dec 2001

    Research output: Other contribution

  2. Published

    AlGaAs waveguide crystalSecond-harmonic generation from a first-order quasi-phase-matched GaAs

    Rafailov, E. U., Loza-Alvarez, P., Brown, C. T. A., Sibbett, W., DeLaRue, RM., Millar, P., Yanson, DA., Roberts, JS. & Houston, PA., 15 Dec 2001

    Research output: Other contribution

  3. Published
  4. Published

    Broadband tuning and dual-spectraltemporal outputs from a nonresonantly injection-seeded diode laser

    Birkin, DJL., Rafailov, E. U. & Sibbett, W., 18 Mar 2002

    Research output: Other contribution

  5. Published

    Femtosecond pulses tunable beyond 4.0 micrometres from a KTA-based optical parametric oscillator

    McGowan, C., Reid, DT., Ebrahimzadeh, M. & Sibbett, W., 15 Jan 1997

    Research output: Other contribution

  6. Published

    Periodically-poled RbTiOAsO4 femtosecond optical parametric oscillator tunable from 1.38 to 1.58 micrometres

    Loza-Alverez, P., Reid, DT., Ebrahimzadeh, M. & Sibbett, W., 1999

    Research output: Other contribution

  7. Published

    Moving interference patterns created using the angular Doppler-effect

    Arlt, J., Macdonald, M. P., Paterson, L., Sibbett, W., Dholakia, K. & Volke-Sepulveda, K., 12 Aug 2002, 844 p.

    Research output: Other contribution

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