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  1. Walker Prize

    George Corbett (Recipient), 2005

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

  2. Voted as one of UK Universities Top 100 Life Savers

    Maggie Ellis (Recipient), 15 May 2019

    Prize: National/international honour

  3. Visiting professorship at University of Goettingen, Germany (5 months)

    Bernd O Stratmann (Recipient), 2002

    Prize: Election to learned society

  4. Visiting Senior Fellowship, CASVA

    Linda Jane Goddard (Recipient), 2018

    Prize: Other distinction

  5. Visiting Scholar: Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Chris Ogden (Recipient), Jun 2015

    Prize: Appointment

  6. Visiting Scholar, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), May 2005

    Prize: Appointment

  7. Visiting Scholar, Georgetown University

    Jasmine K. Gani (Recipient), 2017

    Prize: Appointment

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