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Research at St Andrews

Astronomy at St Andrews 2018-2021

Project: Standard

  1. Clumpy dust rings around non-accreting young stars (software and data)

    Scholz, A. (Creator), Natta, A. (Creator), Bozhinova, I. N. (Creator), Petkova, M. A. (Creator), Relles, H. (Creator), Eislöffel, J. (Creator), Microsoft, 2018


  2. Reduced data for the Swift Intensive Accretion Disk Reverberation Mapping Survey

    Edelson, R. (Creator), Gelbord, J. (Creator), Cackett, E. M. (Creator), Peterson, B. M. (Creator), Horne, K. D. (Creator), Barth, A. J. (Creator), Starkey, D. (Creator), Bentz, M. (Creator), Brandt, W. N. (Creator), Goad, M. (Creator), Joner, M. (Creator), Korista, K. (Creator), Netzer, H. (Creator), Page, K. (Creator), Uttley, P. (Creator), Vaughan, S. (Creator), Breeveld, A. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator), Done, C. (Creator), Evans, P. (Creator), Fausnaugh, M. (Creator), Ferland, G. (Creator), Gonzalez-Buitrago, D. (Creator), Gropp, J. (Creator), Grupe, D. (Creator), Kaastra, J. (Creator), Kennea, J. (Creator), Kriss, G. (Creator), Mathur, S. (Creator), Mehdipour, M. (Creator), Mudd, D. (Creator), Nousek, J. (Creator), Schmidt, T. (Creator), Vestergaard, M. (Creator), Villforth, C. (Creator), University of Maryland, 19 Nov 2018


  3. So close, so different: characterization of the K2-36 planetary system with HARPS-N (dataset)

    Damasso, M. (Creator), Zeng, L. (Creator), Malavolta, L. (Creator), Mayo, A. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Mortier, A. (Creator), Buchhave, L. A. (Creator), Vanderburg, A. (Creator), Lopez-Morales, M. (Creator), Bonomo, A. S. (Creator), Cameron, A. C. (Creator), Coffinet, A. (Creator), Figueira, P. (Creator), Latham, D. W. (Creator), Mayor, M. (Creator), Molinari, E. (Creator), Pepe, F. (Creator), Phillips, D. F. (Creator), Poretti, E. (Creator), Rice, K. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator), Watson, C. A. (Creator), Université de Strasbourg/CNRS, 8 Apr 2019


  4. Three years of Sun-as-a-star radial-velocity observations on the approach to solar minimum (dataset)

    Cameron, A. C. (Creator), Mortier, A. (Creator), Phillips, D. (Creator), Dumusque, X. (Creator), Haywood, R. D. (Creator), Langellier, N. (Creator), Watson, C. A. (Creator), Cegla, H. M. (Creator), Costes, J. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Coffinet, A. (Creator), Latham, D. W. (Creator), Lopez-Morales, M. (Creator), Malavolta, L. (Creator), Maldonado, J. (Creator), Micela, G. (Creator), Milbourne, T. (Creator), Molinari, E. (Creator), Saar, S. H. (Creator), Thompson, S. (Creator), Buchschacher, N. (Creator), Cecconi, M. (Creator), Cosentino, R. (Creator), Ghedina, A. (Creator), Glenday, A. (Creator), Gonzalez C. -H. Li, M. (Creator), Lodi, M. (Creator), Lovis, C. (Creator), Pepe, F. (Creator), Poretti, E. (Creator), Rice, K. (Creator), Sasselov, D. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Szentgyorgyi, A. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator), Walsworth, R. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 27 May 2019



ID: 251555437