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  1. LARGE INDEXES & LITTLE COMPENDIUMS: "Large Indexes and Little Compendiums": Reading and Commonplacing in Georgian England

    Allan, D. W.

    Arts and Humanities Research Council


    Project: Standard

  2. 170 NMR of microporous solids: 170 NMR of microporous solids

    Ashbrook, S. E. M. & Morris, R. E.

    The Leverhulme Trust


    Project: Standard

  3. 1851 Royal Commission Research: 1851 Royal Commission Research Fellowship

    Schubert, M.

    Royal Commission of 1851


    Project: Fellowship

  4. Royal Society Conf Grant-1st Inter Congr: 1st International Congress on Ionic Liquids

    Muldoon, M. J.

    The Royal Society


    Project: Standard

  5. 2007 CRF/RSE European Visiting Research: 2007 CRF/RSE European Visiting Research Fellowhip

    Visser, A. S. Q.

    The Royal Society of Edinburgh


    Project: Standard

  6. Conference Grant 2007R1 - H Zhao: 2007 Gravitational Microlensing Workshop

    Zhao, H.

    The Royal Society


    Project: Standard

  7. 2013 CRF/RSE European Visiting Research: 2013 CRF/RSE European Visiting Research Fellowship

    Rengger, N. J. H. & Ferguson, I. A.

    The Royal Society of Edinburgh


    Project: Standard

  8. Conference Grants 2007 R2: 234th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

    Conway, S. J.

    The Royal Society


    Project: Standard

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