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Environmental Physiology of Animals

Research output: Other contribution


Environmental Physiology of Animals. / Willmer, Patricia Gillian; Stone, G; Johnston, Ian Alistair.


Research output: Other contribution


Willmer, PG, Stone, G & Johnston, IA 2000, Environmental Physiology of Animals..


Willmer, P. G., Stone, G., & Johnston, I. A. (2000). Environmental Physiology of Animals.


Willmer PG, Stone G, Johnston IA. Environmental Physiology of Animals. 2000.


Willmer, Patricia Gillian ; Stone, G ; Johnston, Ian Alistair. / Environmental Physiology of Animals. 2000.

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T1 - Environmental Physiology of Animals

AU - Willmer, Patricia Gillian

AU - Stone, G

AU - Johnston, Ian Alistair

N1 - Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford First Edition

PY - 2000

Y1 - 2000

M3 - Other contribution

VL - 672

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