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  1. 2017
  2. Published

    R&D cyclicality and composition effects: a unifying approach

    Chernyshev, N. 27 Sep 2017 32 p.(CDMA Working Paper; no. 1705)

    Research output: Working paper

  3. Published

    The relationship between R&D and competition: reconciling theory and evidence

    Chernyshev, N. 27 Sep 2017 33 p.(CDMA Working Paper; no. 1704)

    Research output: Working paper

  4. 2012
  5. Unpublished

    A social network for trade and inventories of stock during the South Sea Bubble

    Mays, A. & Shea, G. S. Mar 2012 47 p.(CDMA Working Paper; no. 1110)

    Research output: Working paper

  6. 2011
  7. Unpublished

    (Re)financing the Slave Trade with the Royal African Company in the Boom Markets of 1720

    Shea, G. S. Sep 2011 55 p.(CDMA Working Paper; no. 1114)

    Research output: Working paper